Man slammed for giving girlfriend of two months ultimatum him or the cat

A man took to Reddit to ask users whether he was in the wrong after he demanded that his girlfriend get rid of the cat she’d just adopted if she wanted to be with him

A man has been slammed after he gave his girlfriend an ultimatum – him or the cat.

Taking to Reddit, the 33-year-old explained that he and his girlfriend Alice, 27, have been dating for a couple of months now.

On one of their early dates, he recalled her mentioning how she wanted to adopt a cat, which he wasn’t too thrilled about since he “thinks” he allergic to them.

Fast forward a couple of months, and all is going well between the couple.

“We are moving quickly because I feel like I know what I want and I’m not trying to mess around anymore, I want to settle,” he said.

But they hit a bump in the road when she told him her plan to finally pick out a cat.

He continued: “The other day Alice tells me she and her friend are going to a shelter and she’s planning to pick out a cat.

“I told her I wouldn’t want her to get one and she said she’s always wanted a cat and has planned to get one since before she met me.

“I told her it was so inconsiderate of her to get the cat because I am allergic and what if we decide to move in together one day?

“I said I don’t see this working out if she plans to keep the cat.

“She told me I’m overreacting and we just started dating so I shouldn’t try to ‘control’ her and that I told her it’s fine so now she already has the cat.

“I insisted she take it back and she said she was not going to, so I said fine it’s the cat or me.”

The argument ended with her telling him that she needed space.

“I talked to a female friend about this who said I’m being [the a**hole] and if Alice can ‘take birth control every day’ for me then I can ‘take a Benadryl and chill,'” he continued.

But when he confided in a male friend, he told him “Alice is inconsiderate.”

Reddit users were quick to put him in his place, with many people saying that they hope she picks the cat over him.

One person said: “You’re 33 years old and have been dating this woman for two months… Two whole months to feel entitled to dictate what she does with her own damn life? Of course [you’re the a**hole].

“I hope she picks the cat. IT will be with her for 15 or so years. I give YOU about 2 more days.”

Another commented: “Only reply this girl should give – ‘Sorry I think my cat is allergic to controlling men.'”

“Why do I get the impression he’s the one moving quickly and she’s still in the ‘this is new and let’s see where it heads’ stage?” asked a third.